Dual access front of 300 mm that allows working and maintenance from both sides at the same time

High Level Lighting: Wide safety glass side-windows with the ideal positioning and sizing of LED lights system, provide the highest lighting level (> 1000Lux ) to the work area. A dimmer is available as standard fitting to adjust light intensity.

Electrical lifting system allowing lifting up of the whole cabinet that ease working upright.

Environmental sound comfort of the animals thanks to the work surface made by TRESPA.

Gap of 100mm for easing introduction of cages in the chamber.

80 mm knees space for operator comfort (additional 80 mm can be obtained with optional knee rest panel).

Stainless bars on both sides easing positioning of the cages

ECS® Eco Controling System: The new ECS® microprocessor employs the latest innovative methods of integrated management of all principal functions of ventilation and filtration - self-regulating all the main filtration and ventilation system components - compensating for declining pressure drops and restoring power balance. Combining the use of DC motor-blowers and certified low pressure-drop filters, the new ECS® controlling system optimize power consumption, reducing CO2 emissions into the environment.

Anti Bacterial Coating: Exclusive Dupont™ ALESTA® anti-bacterial “Ag+ cations-based solution”, capable to prevent microbial contamination of surfaces thereby inhibiting long term surface growth.