The pressurized air pushed into the plenum of the main motor blowers passes through the main H 14 HEPA/ULPA filter and then downwards, in a laminar flow pattern with an air cleanliness in Class ISO 3 according to ISO 14644, into the work chamber. The air is then mixed with the external air which enters the cabinet from the lateral openings and it is sucked from the two exhaust motor blowers, in the lower part of the cabinet, through the pre-filter positioned under the perforated work surface.

Part of the air is exhausted trough the exhaust H 14 HEPA/ULPA filter positioned on the bottom of the cabinet, this extracted air let air come in from the outside (front barrier) ensuring the protection of the operator/environment. The not exhausted air is sucked from the two main motor blowers in the upper part of the cabinet trough the four intake up channels situated in the corners of the cabinet.