External structure in epoxy powder coated cold-rolled steel for excellent corrosion resistance to the attack by aggressive common chemicals. Alternatively special models with external structure made in AISI 304L stainless steel for superior cleanability are also available on demand.

Work surface in stainless steel AISI 304L fixed in one piece (TRESPA work surface available upon request).

Filtration:H14 HEPA/ULPA filter with an efficiency better than 99,995 % MPPS (EN-1822).

Prefiltration: Inlet G4 pre-filter efficiency 80≤AM≤90 according to EN 779 and UNI 10339

Epoxy painted protective grid for the HEPA filter.

Motor blower: direct coupled motor, electronic speed controlled to maintain a constant laminar air flow of 0.45 m/sec, and compensate for a partially clogged filter up to a maximum plenum pressure of 40 mm of water.

Servicing side glass with ports for service taps installation.

The user-friendly practical keyboard and the rear-lit LCD (optional) will continuously display all required data keeping the user constantly informed of the cabinet conditions in operation, and in particular:
• display of laminar airflow velocity
• display of inside and outside temperature
• display of residual lifetime of HEPA/ULPA filter, UV Lamp.
• display of total number of hours of operation
• display of saturation level of HEPA/ULPA filter

Audio-visual alarms (optional) provided for:
• out of range or incorrect airflow velocity
• front window opened
• clogging of HEPA/ULPA filter
• end of life-cycle of UV lamp
• fan-motor malfunction
• power failure

Active carbon filter on the exhaust

Lighting: fluorescent tubes in built-in housing, placed outside the sterile area.

D.O.P.-DEHS inlet port for testing the HEPA/ULPA filters

UV sterilizing lamp (optional) complete with a flexible front shutter in order to close the working area from dust and for the safety of operators.