Technical sheet
Useful dimension (mm)::WxDxH: 887x580x740
Overall dimension [mm]: WxDxH: 1045x855x1545 (*)
Noise level (dbA): <53
Working Aperture (mm): 200
Exhaust flow rate (m3/h): 290
Lighting level (lux): >1100
Weight (kg): 170
Electrical data [230V - 50H] (**): 230 V - 50 Hz
Current consumption (A): 1,9
Heat emission (W): 175
(*) overall depth can be reduced to <800mm to pass through any door/aisle:
(**) different voltage/frequency available upon request:

FX0002124600 - UV Lamp for 0.9/1.2 mt size
FX0002094500 - Epoxy powder coated modular stand for 0.9 mt size
FX0002094510 - Epoxy powder coated modular stand for 0.9 mt size with castors
FX0002124900 - Additional electrical socket
FX0011247000 - Gas Tap with electrovalve
FX0000204710 - Manual Gas Tap
FX0011247100 - Manual Vacuum Tap
FX0011247200 - Manual Compressed air Tap
FX0011247300 - Manual Nitrogen Tap
FX0011247400 - Manual Water tap
FX0002124930 - Additional socket for data (RS232)
FX0002124920 - Additional socket for data (RS485)
FX0002124950 - Additional socket for data (RJ45)
FX0021250000 - Additional socket for data (USB)
FX0002124940 - Volt free contact
FX0002094070 - Exhaust thimble connection 0.9 mt size
FX0002124200 - Arm rests (couple)
FX0002094210 - Stainless steel bar for bags with 6 hooks for 0.9 mt size
FX0000064810 - 3-drawers unit on pivotting castors and removable epoxy powder coated vessels
FX0002094520 - Adjustable electrical stand (stroke 700-1000mm) for 0.9 mt size